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Kanartic ZERO Mini Split Heat Pump 12000 BTU 23 SEER High Efficiency 5m-16ft

Kanartic ZERO Mini Split Heat Pump 12000 BTU 23 SEER High Efficiency 5m-16ft

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The best 12000 btu heat pump

AHRI certification

UL certified

EnergyStar Cold Climate certification

The super efficient heating system

ALL-INCLUSIVE SYSTEM 10-YEAR Warranty / WIFI connection (Siri / Alexa / IFTTT)

Line 5m-16 feet included

AHRI / UL / ENERGY STAR Cold Climate certified, the ZERO 12000 BTU mini split model is very efficient with a SEER of 23 (cold generation) and an HSPF of 13 (heat generation), it allows you to save several hundred dollars on your heating bill (~45% per year).

As with all Kanartic systems equipped with an ultra-efficient compressor, you can save a lot of money by using your mini split to cool but also to heat your spaces.

Suitable for rooms between 400-800 ft²

Elegant heat pump

The elegant aesthetic of the interior modules as well as the remote control with aluminum surface offer a refined visual that will match all your decor.

Robust heat pump

We pay particular attention to the design of the products so that they are most effective but also so that they last a long time. For this, we designed our outdoor unit with triple thickness of protection on the top as well as a raised design for the best water flow.

Quick Specs :

    • 10 YEARS Warranty/5 YEARS Compressor/Parts
    • Power 12,000 BTU
    • SEER 23
    • HSPF 11
    • Operating Temperature Up to -30C/-22F
    • Features All (see full list)
    • Remote Control Remote Control and Phone App via WIFI (compatible with Apple Siri / Amazon Alexa / IFTTT / Homebridge...)
    • Dehumidifier
    • Automatic cleaning function
    • Backlit remote control with a sleek and modern design with large screen.
    • IFeel function (the temperature adapts automatically thanks to the sensor integrated into the remote control)
    • Super economical operation (45% less consumption thanks to the new design of the fan blades and enlarged ducts)
    • Temperature stabilization at +-0.5 degrees thanks to our high frequency technology.
    • Intelligent dust collection system integrated into the compressor motor
    • Easy to install:
      • Indoor Unit
      • Outdoor unit
      • Refrigeration line 5 m / 16.5 ft
      • Tube passes pipe through the wall
      • Exterior hardener insulation
      • Remote control (with battery)
      • ABG WIFI system

    Superior quality

    The quality of manufacture as well as the new improvements make Kanartic mini splits one of the most advanced air conditioning systems on the market. (See more details)

    Quality testing

    All kanartic products use the best components to ensure the best product quality.

    We pay particular attention to the design of the outer boxes as well as to the quality of our top-of-the-range compressors.

    gold plating

    Test 1: 1000 h of neutral salt spray (equivalent to more than 10 years of service life under normal conditions) = protection level ≥ 9.5, without perforation.

    Test 2:Acid resistance tests for 30 minutes (equivalent to 10,000 times accelerated acid rain test): corrosion area ≤ 0.5%.

    Triple layer rust protection
    On the outdoor unit casing of the Kanartic series, the indoor metal parts of the unit and the circuit board are protected by the three-layer anti-rust protection.
    Kanartic units are resistant to moisture, bacteria, salt, corrosion, acids and alkalis. Kanartic products are designed to stand the test of time.

    stainless steel bolt
    According to research, Kanartic stainless steel screws are more resistant to moisture, alkalis and corrosion than standard stainless steel screws. Kanartic stainless steel screws improve overall durability.

    Coating: Golden fins
    Golden Fin is more resistant to oxidation and corrosion than ordinary capacitor fins to provide a more stable and durable working environment.
    It can effectively prevent bacteria from breeding and spreading and resist corrosive elements.


    Deliveries are free


    Easy and quick to install.

    We can put you in touch with installers on request depending on your location contact us for more details

    In the box

    The system contains everything you need for installation:

    -Synchronization cable between internal and external module and refrigeration pipes (5m / 16ft)

    -External Compressor

    -Remote control (with batteries and holder)

    -Interior air conditioning (with fixing)

    - WIFI module (802.11ABG)

    Only the electrical wiring is not included.


    All our products are Certified:


    UL CA/US

    Energy Star Cold Climate


    Our machines are on the Canadian government lists for subsidies.

    You can find the list right here.

    Kanartic Réno climat grant

    Kanartic Novo Climate Grants
    Kanartic Hydro Quebec Heat Pump Grant
    BC Hydro Grant

    View full details
    air conditioner with high level of SEER
    10 Year Warranty

    Our 10-year compressor and 5-year parts warranty gives you undisputed assurance on your investment.

    Learn more

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