About Us

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Kanartic is a company based in Canada in Terrebonne motivated by the research and development of new quality products.

We make it a point of honor to offer our customers reliable and non-standard solutions because we believe that everyone can benefit from these high-end products at low prices.

We offer deliveries and support from our North American distribution centers in 4 languages ​​French / English / Romanian / Spanish.

Our main address is 1041 Rue du Viger Terrebonne QC J6W 6B6

To contact us please call 1 866 211-8441

kanartic mini split 9000 18000 12000 btu
Economic Heating

In cold regions, using your appliance in heating mode can save you a lot of money and even a return on investment in 2-3 years.

kanartic mini split 9000 18000 12000 btu
Economy air conditioning

The right choice of power allows you to better adapt your device to your space

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