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A heat pump can be used as a heating system as well as an air conditioner. In winter, a heat pump uses much less energy than other heating appliances to produce heat. In addition, low-temperature heat pump models like those from Kanartic are now able to heat a home almost at all times, even in very cold temperatures -30C/-22F.

Customers often tend to choose a minimum dimensioning, which is suitable for cooling, but not sufficient for heating. To get the best possible performance from your new heat pump, make sure it is properly sized, that is, powerful enough to meet your heating needs.

What to choose?

Depending on your region and your use, you must choose a more or less powerful model. Kanartic models all provide high efficiency in both cold and heat generation, but it is important to understand that there are economic advantages associated with this choice.

For instance:

  • you can save more than 500$CAD/year in electricity if you live in Canada and you heat with an HSPF 13 model
  • you can save up to $500USD/year if you live in Florida and air condition with a 26 SEER model (compared to a 13 SEER)

It will also be necessary to take into account the surface area of ​​the room to be heated or cooled.

What is SEER?

The term SEER / TRES stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (English) / Rate of Energy Efficiency Seasonal (French)

The SEER is in fact an energy efficiency ratio that each device is evaluated according to their performance. The higher the SEER, the less the device will consume energy generating cold.

So SEER = "Air conditioning" and not heating!

This is a very important indicator for measuring the energy performance of your Kanartic when you air condition your home.

SEER = Cooling power (BTU/h / Machine consumption (Watts/h)

This average is calculated for an interior temperature of 20°C and an exterior temperature of 28°C.

You will be happy to know that your kanartic has a high level SEER value in order to save money in the long run. (on average our equipment is between 22 and 26 SEER)

What is HSPF?

The term HSPF / FRSC stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (English) / Facteur de Rende Saisonier en Chauffage (French)

So HSPF = "Heating" and not air conditioning

This is a very important indicator when you want to use your Air Conditioner to heat your home.

The HSPF is actually a ratio or rating of energy efficiency according to their heating performance. The higher the HSPF, the less energy the appliance will consume during the heating season.

HSPF = Heating power (in BTU/h) / Appliance consumption (W/h)

This is the average for one heating season and is calculated using a constant indoor temperature of approximately 20°C and an outdoor temperature of 8°C.

Is HSPF important to me?

If you want to use your Kanartic heat pump to heat your home, you will certainly be happy to learn that YES the HSPF is very important to save you money on your heating bill.

If you calculate the profitability of your heat pump over a long period, the HSPF becomes very important, it can save you 40-50% of your energy consumption.

An HSPF rating of 9 will simply consume more energy than equipment rated 12 when used for heating.

In other words it is more efficient.

Appliances with a higher HSPF like Kanartic equipment are usually considered “high end” appliances so your appliance will also have a higher SEER and this will save you money for the cooling season. It is important to consider the HSPF of heat pumps if you live in cold regions. HSPF will save you more on energy consumption compared to SEER.

At Kanartic we only use high quality parts in order to achieve high HSPF and SEER values ​​in order to build machines with high levels of energy efficiency.

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kanartic mini split 9000 18000 12000 btu
Economic Heating

In cold regions, using your appliance in heating mode can save you a lot of money and even a return on investment in 2-3 years.

kanartic mini split 9000 18000 12000 btu
Economy air conditioning

The right choice of power allows you to better adapt your device to your space

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