High Quality Heat pumps

  • kanartic mini split 10 years warranty

    10 Year Warranty

    Our 10 year warranty on compressors and 5 years on parts gives you peace of mind.

    (The DIY solution is also covered by this guarantee).

  • kanartic mini split technology

    65Hz in 6s

    Thanks to ultra-high inverter compressor running speed (65Hz in less than 6 sec.), ultra-fast fan wheel rotation and ultra-wide (70mm) air outlet, Kanartic EOS can quickly lower the room temperature in less than 60 seconds.

  • kanartic mini split wifi remote controler


    The Android / IOS application allows you to program your systems remotely. We also integrate IFTT, HomeBridge, Home Assistant and other IoT management platforms. The system is therefore compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Home.

  • kanartic 3 layers of protection

    Triple layer corrosion protection

    On the outdoor unit casing of the Kanartic series, the indoor metal parts of the unit and the circuit board are protected by the three-layer anti-rust protection.
    Kanartic units are resistant to moisture, bacteria, salt, corrosion, acids and alkalis. Kanartic products are designed to stand the test of time.

  • kanartic heat pump inverter protection

    Smart Dust Removal Switch

    Along with the bionic fan blades, the motor itself can constantly spin in reverse to get rid of sand and dust from the outside, ensuring the compressor is clean and running smoothly.

  • kanartic golden pipes and augmented number of teeth

    Powerful, high-efficiency cooling tube

    Increase the number of inner groove teeth from 45 to 54, which enlarges the heat transfer area and increases the heat transfer efficiency by 7.3%.

  • kanartic mini split 9000 18000 12000 btu protection contre les surtensions

    Over or Under Voltage Protection

    The Kanartic PCB (Power Circuit Board) has been upgraded to increase its ability to withstand voltage fluctuations (overloads), ensuring that your air conditioner operates stably under wide voltage operations without a separate voltage stabilizer.

  • air conditioner that work under -30c

    Heating to -30C/-22F

    Kanartic's compressor technology gives you performance heating down to -30C/-22F, which will allow you to enjoy your investment all winter long

  • kanartic mini split 9000 18000 12000 btu Aluminium remote control


    At Kanartic we are aware that the look is very important. We have reinvented the remote control as well as the front of the interior module so that they become part of your decor

  • kanartic mini split 9000 18000 12000 btu

    High efficiency fan blades and air ducts

    The external compressor fan blades have been redesigned to create the least amount of friction in order to generate the most ventilation using the least amount of rotation.

    The optimized fan and air ducts provide the same airflow with 30% less power thanks to the new design.

  • Easy to install

    Installing a Kanartic system doesn't take very long with step-by-step installation and the help of our technical support. The DIY (Do It Youself) Install yourself solution is designed to not require any specialized tools.

    If you wish, we can find you an installer near you , contact us .

  • Coating: Golden fins

    Golden Fin is more resistant to oxidation and corrosion than ordinary capacitor fins to provide a more stable and durable working environment.
    It can effectively prevent bacteria from breeding and spreading and resist corrosive elements.
    Test 1: 1000 h of neutral salt spray (equivalent to more than 10 years of service life under normal conditions) = protection level ≥ 9.5, without perforation.

    Test 2:Acid resistance tests for 30 minutes (equivalent to 10,000 times accelerated acid rain test): corrosion area ≤ 0.5%.

  • kanartic mini split 9000 18000 12000 btu

    Stainless steel bolts

    Kanartic stainless steel screws are more resistant to moisture, alkalis and corrosion than standard stainless steel screws. Kanartic stainless steel screws improve overall durability.

  • kanartic mini split 9000 18000 12000 btu


    The "Ifeel" system follows you and adapts the temperature as well as the power of the system when you move.

  • kanartic mini split 9000 18000 12000 btu

    Improved Night Mode

    In addition to being able to set operating hours, the improved night mode allows the ventilation to be reduced to a minimum during the night periods automatically.

  • kanartic mini split 9000 18000 12000 btu high density filter

    High Density Filter

    All indoor system heads are equipped with high density filters to limit dust iontrusion in moving parts and also to offer you better air quality.

  • Mini plit heat pump Kanartic blower

    Beeze Away

    This functionality allows in one click to remove the current of uncomfortable fresh air. You will have all the comfort without the inconveniences.

  • Kanartic Quality insurance


    Unlike other systems on the market, we stabilize the temperature to within -+0.5 degrees C, which allows smoother operation and thus lower energy consumption.

    Without repeatedly turning off/on to adjust the temperature, Kanartic guarantees you a stable and comfortable cooling and heating experience with minimal temperature fluctuations by constantly varying the rotational speed of the compressor.

  • kanartic mini split 9000 18000 12000 btu refrigerant leak detection

    Liquid leak detection

    We equip all of our refrigerant leak detection systems to allow you to intervene quickly.

  • kanartic fireproof box

    Fire insulation

    The electrical system is completely insulated in a fireproof box for greater safety

  • kanartic mini split eco mode

    Enhanced ECO Mode

    The ECO "energy saving" function, perfectly complements high efficiency inverters
    You can set a temperature while dramatically reducing energy
    consumed over 8 hours.

  • air conditioner kanartic canada


    Our new remote controls have a large backlit screen as well as simplified and precise operation

  • kanartic mini split 9000 18000 12000 btu

    GA Stepless Frequency

    The frequency of the traditional air conditioner exhibits considerable fluctuations during operation, which leads to instability in the room temperature. However, Kanartic air conditioners break this pattern with our unique GA Stepless Comfort technology. Its inverter frequency variation is so smooth that you won't notice the ambient temperature fluctuation at all.

  • kanartic mini split 9000 18000 12000 btu


    We offer support in English and French for all our customers

kanartic mini split 9000 18000 12000 btu

Economic Heating

In cold regions, using your appliance in heating mode can save you a lot of money and even a return on investment in 2-3 years.

kanartic mini split 9000 18000 12000 btu

Economy air conditioning

The right choice of power allows you to better adapt your device to your space

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