Heating and air conditioning with the best mini split / heat pump in Canada

After an in-depth analysis on the use of heat pumps as primary heating. We decided to create efficient heat pumps to meet your heating needs up to temperatures down to -30C. Choosing Kanartic is also the best choice in Canada.

Save energy, Save money , Help protect the climate

Choose between our 2 ranges of heat pumps below:

  • Heat pumps to install yourself with pre-charged lines
  • Heat pumps with standard lines

High Efficiency Do It Yourself Heatpumps

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  • air conditioner for low temperature

    Made for cold down to -30C / -22F

  • air conditioner energy star

    Low energy consumption.

    Low environmental impact

  • ac mini split canada

    Made for hot and cold environments like Canada

  • air conditioner with high level of SEER

    Powerful wind tunnel of 930 cubic meters per hour. To reach the furthest rooms

  • kanartic golden pipes and augmented number of teeth

    Increased performance thanks to the new design

  • Girl on a couch with kanartic air conditionner

    Remote control via Wifi... No more searching for the remote control!

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  • Kanartic EnergyStar cold climate

    Energy Star Cold Climate certified

    Our high energy efficiency systems are recognized by the biggest

  • Kanartic AHRI Certified for our good hspf and seer values


    Certified by AHRI for energy efficiency levels up to 26 SEER and 13 HSPF

  • Our performance are higher than the standard


    The most balanced Air Conditioning ( SEER ) and Heating ( HSPF ) performance


  • wifi enabled by default all kanartic ac can be remote controled with wifi from everywhere


    Can be controlled from anywhere thanks to its mobile application

  • Our new fan design add more efficiency to our air conditionners

    Powerful airflow

    Systems are re-engineered for high fuel efficiency 530 CFM

  • Kanartic quite running low noise air conditionner

    Ultra Quiet

    40db sound level

  • kanartic security fireproof electronic modules


    Electrical system fully insulated against fire

  • kanartic ac high voltage variation security


    Supports wide range of electrical dimming 150V-270V

  • Gold fin on all our ac compressor and fan products for long lasting

    Gold plating

    The internal piping is covered with gilding to prevent corrosion over the long term

  • Kanartic Automatique Leak Detection on all air conditionners

    Automatic management

    Automatic refrigerant leak detection

BTU Calculator
BTU Calculator

Calculate the number of BTUs you need in relation to your space, number of windows, doors as well as your wall and floor insulation