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Under what voltage do Kanartic systems operate?

220v 60Hz 1 Phase

What are the shipping options?

We ship everywhere in North America for free

What are the international taxes, customs fees, etc., that I have to pay?

We pay the customs fees for you, you have nothing to pay.

When will I receive my order ?

You will receive an email or SMS when your order is ready. You can also log in to your account to track your orders

What can I do if I never received my order?

Contact us on the chat at the bottom right to analyze the problem

What can I do if I received a faulty order?

Please contact us to deal with the problem

How can I make changes to an order I've already placed?

If your order has not already left for transport, you can modify it by contacting us via the chat at the bottom right

How can I be sure that I am ordering the correct power?

You can use our SEER/HSPF guide to understand which indicators to look at on air conditioners or simply ask us the question on the chat at the bottom right of the page, we have also written a guide on choosing machines according to the size of your space

Does the system cool and heat?

Yes, Kanartic EOS machines cool (SEER) and heat (HSPF) with high-end performance.

See our SEER / HSPF Guide

Up to what temperature can I heat?

You can heat up to outdoor temperatures of -30C/-22F

How to maintain the systems?

You must open the hood and remove the "Blue" filters in order to rinse them with lukewarm water.... Let them dry before putting them back.

Once a year do a Self-Cleaning

Do I need to supply coolant?

No, the systems all come charged with 25ft of R410 refrigerant.

What are the electricity costs?

Our systems are very efficient and consume an average of 45 cents per day in air conditioning or heating.

What is the noise level of the interior systems?

The sound level is very very low at 22 Decibels

Where can I find serial numbers

You can find the serial numbers on the silver labels on the right side of the machines or on the packaging boxes.

kanartic mini split 9000 18000 12000 btu
Economic Heating

In cold regions, using your appliance in heating mode can save you a lot of money and even a return on investment in 2-3 years.

kanartic mini split 9000 18000 12000 btu
Economy air conditioning

The right choice of power allows you to better adapt your device to your space

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