What are the consequences of a lack of refrigerant in my heat pump?

Lack of refrigerant in a heat pump can lead to serious consequences.

R410A refrigerant liquid

If you notice that your heat pump is not working properly or not producing enough heat or cold, the refrigerant may be at an insufficient level. A lack of refrigerant can cause the system to overheat and damage the heat pump or even the home.

Refrigerant is necessary for the compressor to operate properly and to allow airflow through the system. Without this fluid, the heat pump will be unable to function properly.

In addition, the lack of refrigerant can lead to a leak in the system and increase energy consumption.

When these issues occur, it is important to check the system using the diagnostic tools in your phone app and have the refrigerant topped up if necessary. If the lack of refrigerant is not taken care of in time, it can lead to costly repairs and a higher energy bill.

Do not hesitate to have the tightness of your installation checked if necessary.

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