What is the cost of installing a heat pump?

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When it's time to replace your heating or air conditioning system, a heat pump can be a great option. A heat pump is a unit that combines heating and air conditioning, making it a practical solution for homes or businesses. But before you think about purchasing a heat pump, it is important to understand the installation cost.

In this article, we'll look at the factors that influence the cost of installing a heat pump and some tips for reducing your expenses.

The price of a heat pump varies depending on the size, brand and features.

A smaller heat pump with basic features will cost less than a larger or more advanced heat pump. Once you have chosen the heat pump that best suits your needs, you can begin to evaluate the cost of installation.

The main factor that determines the installation cost is the type of heat pump you purchase. Air source heat pumps will generally cost less to install than water source heat pumps.

Air source heat pumps like those from Kanartic work by using a fan to push hot or cold air through your home. They offer a very cost effective solution when equipped with a high quality compressor like Kanartic .

The price of an installation will depend on the distance from the electrical panel, the length of pipe required, the positioning of the outdoor compressor as well as the positioning of the indoor unit.

If your installation is simple and the wall of the indoor unit is a wall facing directly outside, you can opt to purchase a Kanartic heat pump that does not require specialized tools.

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