How to reduce the vibrations of a heat pump?

A heat pump can produce unpleasant vibrations that can be annoying for people nearby.

Fortunately, there are simple ways to reduce these vibrations.

First, check that the installation of the heat pump is correct.

Make sure the feet are properly adjusted so that the machine is stable and does not vibrate.

If adjusting the feet isn't enough, try placing a piece of fabric or other vibration-absorbing material under the heat pump. This material can absorb vibrations and dampen them before they propagate into the wall.

Finally, try adding additional supports to the heat pump. Brackets and anchors can prevent vibrations from spreading throughout the rest of the house. The mounts supplied by Kanartic are high-end mounts with cushion systems for vibration absorption.

By implementing these simple techniques, you can significantly reduce the vibrations produced by your heat pump. This will create a calmer and more comfortable atmosphere in your home.

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