Health benefits of air conditioning

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Air conditioning provides unparalleled comfort in summer.

In addition to refreshing the air in the house, it is automatically filtered, is healthier and is free of excess humidity. Air conditioning also protects against noise and external and internal pollution. It thus makes it possible to withstand heatwave periods without stress or fatigue.

A good, well-maintained filtration system gets rid of excess dust, hair, pollen and purifies the air. Air conditioning improves the quality of life and comfort in the home, particularly for children, the elderly, pregnant women and anyone suffering from extreme heat. Air quality is improved and helps minimize the effect of asthma and certain allergies.

Additionally, air conditioning can reduce the risks of:

  • heat stroke and dehydration
  • cardiovascular problems in predisposed individuals
  • symptoms associated with certain respiratory illnesses

Air conditioning is a source of benefits if it is used judiciously and safely... by following a few tips:

  • avoid excessive temperature differences between the outside and the inside
  • check for standing water in your system
  • ensure impeccable and regular maintenance of your installation
  • clean or replace filters regularly

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