What is a wall-mounted heat pump?

The wall-mounted heat pump is an air conditioning system that heats or cools an interior space using a renewable energy source. It is very popular in temperate regions, where temperature variations are frequent.

The operation of a wall-mounted heat pump can be compared to that of a refrigerator. This is because both systems use a process of compressing and expanding a refrigerant gas to transfer heat from one location to another.

Here are the key steps in the operation of a wall-mounted heat pump:

  1. Heat absorption: the wall-mounted heat pump system absorbs heat from the outside air or the earth through an evaporator. The hot air is sucked in by the wall-mounted heat pump, which then uses this heat to heat the interior space.

  2. Compression: once the hot air has been absorbed, the refrigerant gas present in the wall-mounted heat pump is compressed by a compressor. This compression increases the temperature of the refrigerant gas, which becomes very hot.

  3. Expansion: the refrigerant gas, under high pressure, then passes through a pressure regulator. The latter lowers the pressure of the refrigerant gas, which causes its temperature to drop.

  4. Condensation: once the temperature of the refrigerant gas has been lowered, it passes through a condenser. In the latter, the heat from the refrigerant gas is transferred to the air inside the space to be heated. The refrigerant gas condenses and becomes liquid again.

  5. Expansion: Once the heat has been transferred to the indoor air, the refrigerant gas passes through another expansion valve to lower its pressure and temperature again.

  6. New heat absorption: the refrigerant gas, under low pressure and low temperature, returns to the evaporator where it again absorbs heat from the outside air or the earth. This cycle repeats itself to maintain a stable temperature inside the space.

In summary, the wall-mounted heat pump works as a heat transfer system. It uses outdoor air or the earth as an energy source to heat or cool an indoor space using a refrigerant gas. Thanks to its compression and expansion process, the wall-mounted heat pump is an ecological and economical solution for heating and air conditioning.

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