The 6 things to know about INVERTER technology

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1. **Compressor speed regulation:** Inverter technology allows compressor speed to be regulated in air conditioning and heating systems, thus adjusting the power according to actual needs, improving energy efficiency.

2. **Energy Savings:** By continuously adapting operating capacity, Inverter systems reduce energy consumption by avoiding frequent compressor starts and stops, which can be energy-intensive.

3. **Maintaining Constant Temperature:** Inverter systems more precisely maintain the desired temperature by adjusting power output, avoiding temperature fluctuations often associated with non-Inverter systems.

4. **Compressor Durability:** Regulated use of the compressor extends its life because it experiences less stress compared to non-Inverter systems that operate at full power then shut down.

5. **Faster Cooling and Heating:** Inverter systems reach the desired temperature more quickly because they can operate at full capacity at startup and then adjust the power to maintain the temperature.

6. **Long-Term Cost Reduction:** Although Inverter systems may initially cost more, the energy savings over time can offset these additional costs, often making them a worthwhile investment over time. long term.

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