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Haswing Protruar brushless trolling motor 2HP

Haswing Protruar brushless trolling motor 2HP

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Powered by a 12V / 2Hp / 65 Lbs brushless motor, the Haswing Protruar 1.0 65 Lbs motor is suitable for a wide range of boats on various waterways. Its powerful motor, equipped with a continuously adjustable speed control system with magnetic safety key, is very easy to handle. Its efficient and comfortable rocking system allows you to navigate easily in all waters. Its propeller is also equipped with an integrated safety system: it stops automatically in the event of an obstacle. Its charge indicator shows you the battery charge level.

Features of the Protruar 1.0 2HP 65 lbs electric motor:
• Max power: 65 lbs
• Weight: 8 kg
• Amp. (nominal / max) (A): 50
• Power (Nominal / max.) (W): 500
• Voltage (VDC): 12
• Number of levels for battery charge indication: 5

• Recommended battery (not included in the supply): TYE 105 Ah deep cycle
• Mounting: rear
• Tiller: Telescopic
• Speed ​​adjustment (FWD / REV): Direct electronic variable adjustment FWD / RE DIGITMAX (Linear Acceleration) for great energy saving.
• Composite material shaft / aluminum
• Shaft length (" / mm): 36 / 900
• Propeller (black) number of blades: 3
"The motor is fixed by 6 holes of 7mm, the 6mm screws are provided"

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